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Why Hotel Beds Are so Comfortable

Have you ever booked a room in a luxury hotel chain in Dubai and wondered how they make the beds so comfortable? A good hotel knows exactly what customers are looking for. They know customers want the best mattress, the best pillows, and the best sheets. Over the years, the hospitality sector has put a lot of thought into making its service the best in the world. And they take buying a mattress very seriously. So if you’re wondering what makes hotel beds so comfortable, the answer isn’t difficult to come by.

With that said, we will lay it out for you.

The 5 Things Hotels Do to Make Beds Comfortable

Hotels want customers to feel at home. So naturally, they start by making the hotel bed feel at home. Providing customers with a positive sleep experience is one of hotel chains’ many priorities. A luxurious hotel will make the mattresses so comfortable that customers will share their experiences with others. To explain how they do this, let’s go into the five things.

They Invest In Luxury Mattresses

The first thing Dubai hotels in UAE do is invest in luxury. Luxury adds quality, and more quality means a better experience. Therefore, hotels invest in a wide range of mattresses. Some will invest in a memory foam mattress, while others in hybrid mattresses. Regardless, the most important thing is to invest in a comfortable mattress, something we all do at home.

They Invest in Soft Sheets

We all dream of silky-smooth white hotel sheets. White sheets aren’t difficult to come by, but it’s the type of sheet that makes all the difference. For example, they use flat sheets on the bed made of Egyptian cotton instead of fitted sheet on their beds. They will also make sure the sheets are soft. Therefore, hotels use sheets with a thread count of over 300. The sheet might not seem important, but it’s one of the many reasons why hotel beds are comfortable. This is especially the case with high-end hotels across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the UAE.

They Make the Room Feel Luxurious

While this next one doesn’t have anything to do with the bed, hotels understand the role perception plays on customers. For example, have you ever wondered why hotel rooms are always white or a similar light color? That’s because these colors evoke feelings of calmness and harmony. And it’s mainly why they always use white sheets for hotel mattresses. The color doesn’t necessarily make the beds more comfortable, but it makes you feel more at ease.

They Use Mattress Toppers

Not every hotel uses mattress toppers. But high-end hotels always protect the mattress with a mattress topper. Hotels usually add mattress toppers to make the bed more comfortable. But mattress toppers protect the mattress and make it last longer. In addition, Mattress toppers improve sleep quality by providing more support, firmness, and another layer of comfort.

It might not look much, but it’s one of the many things that make hotel mattresses so comfortable.

They Offer Multiple Pillow Options

We can pretty much agree on the mattress and sheets. But everyone will have a different preference for pillows. Some people like to sleep on a single pillow, while others can’t have enough pillows on the bed. Since pillows are especially important for a comfortable and luxurious sleep, how do hotels find the right balance?

Well, it’s not necessarily about balance but about providing options. For example, there are two types of pillows, soft and firm. Big hotel chains will offer both so customers can sleep comfortably throughout the night.


You’re probably reading about hotel beds because you want that same feeling at home. The first step to creating a quality sleeping environment is purchasing a new mattress. Once you do that, the guide outlines everything for you. It’s important to emphasise that hotels also regularly change sheets, which you must start doing.

In addition, the environment is just as important to creating a comfortable feel as the mattress, pillows, sheets, and topper. A hotel bedroom will “feel” comfortable and offer the most comfortable bed possible. We hope this guide helps answer your question.


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