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Are these sheets made of pure cotton?

Yes, all RocketLinen sheets are made from 100% pure cotton. We use 100% long staple cotton which makes stronger, softer, and smoother fabrics. That means when you take home one of our bed sheets, it’ll remind you of that time you checked into a luxury hotel and fell in love with the bed. 


What is thread count? What does weave mean? What about long staple?

Thread count is the number of individual threads per square inch, both horizontally and vertically. A bedsheet with a higher thread count is often softer and smoother, and will also last longer, but a lower thread count with a good finish will feel the same.


When you’re shopping for bedsheets, look for thread counts in the 200-800 range. RocketLinen cotton has a 400 thread count and you’ll feel the difference when you rub the fabric between your fingertips.

The weave is the process used to turn cotton fibres into fabric, and there are a few different types. The Sateen Weave, which is what we use, is what produces the soft, lustrous feel of the fabric.

The staple refers to the length of the cotton fibre – the longer staples provide more luxurious fabric that will not pill or fray like short staple cotton. Naturally, we use the long staple cotton for all our products because that’s what we like to sleep on too.

Where does the cotton come from?

Ah, glad you asked! We thought you’d never ask. Promise to spare you the technical details. Here’s the easiest version:

It all begins at the cotton plant, where the cotton bolls (those puffy little blossoms on the tree) are harvested and cleaned. Each boll contains almost half a million cotton fibres, which are separated, sorted, and woven into material. After that, we step in and turn it into gorgeous bedsheets and pillow cases for you.

How deep are the fitted sheets?

Our fitted sheets are good to fit a mattress up to 16 inches in depth. Also, the fitted sheet includes Head and Feet labels to help making your bed quick and easy.

Will my bedsheets shrink after I wash them?

Yes. Our bedsheets are made of pure cotton which shrinks a little after the first wash. You can expect to see 3-5% shrinkage, but we size the sheets with that in mind. If you buy queen sized sheets for your queen sized bed, the sheets will fit well even after shrinkage. To avoid any further shrinkage, make sure you always wash your sheets in cool water.

What is the best way to look after my bedsheets?

There are two ways:


  1.       The best way to keep your cotton bedsheets looking fresh is to follow the washing instructions on  the label. Here are some more general cotton care instructions: 

Avoid washing sheets in hot water and hang to dry (air-dry) as often as possible.

Don’t wash your bedsheets with other clothes. Heavier items like denims can damage your cotton sheets. And if you’re putting towels in, you might see lint build-up on your sheets.

You should change your sheets every two weeks.


  1.       If you skipped everything we explained above, call your mom, she’ll know what to do.

What are the tiny threads showing up on my sheets?

The tiny threads that appear on the surface of your sheets is called pilling. The long staple cotton that we use for our sheets is a superior quality fabric that isn’t prone to pilling but will eventually happen over a longer duration of time. So if you’re seeing that sooner than expected, it is probably caused by harsh chemicals or improper care.

Will my bedsheets wrinkle?

Yes, because any fabric that doesn’t wrinkle has been processed by heavy chemicals. Pure cotton wrinkles, and although our Sateen Weave technique reduces wrinkles, you’ll still see some when you put out fresh sheets.

To minimize wrinkles, you should take your sheets out of the machine as soon as your laundry is done. If you want absolutely wrinkle-free sheets, you can always iron them. However, do remember to set your iron on medium heat when doing so.

Why are you suggesting books to read on your blog?

We’re big believers that being cosy and comfortable leads to a feeling of wellness and contentment. And we want to bring that into your bedroom. When you go to bed, we want you to be surrounded by lovely thoughts, soft linen, and happy feelings.

Our recommendation of books are perfect for bedtime reads. whether you want to relax with an easy story, delve into a mystery, or read about interesting philosophy. Watch out for other carefully curated bedtime products that you’ll love using!

What’s the best coffee out there?

We’re pretty devoted to Starbucks Caramel Cappuccino. What do you like to drink? Any recommendations for us?

If you’re around in Dubai ‘At My Place’ is a nice hidden gem cafe on Jumeirah Beach Road and also check out ‘Alchemy’ on Al Wasl Road.


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